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Birthdate:Jan 27

(In)Famous reputation. Habitual brief romances (with affluent partners).
Reckless. Never considers consequences. Headstrong and loyal.
Charming (fancies himself a romantic hero).
Flair for the dramatic.
Multilingual. Talented seamstress. Good with kids.
Crack shot - a master of firearms. Not to be toyed with. Experienced fighter.
A (well hidden) sensitive soul. Burdened with regrets. Haunted by the past.
A man trying to find his place in the world.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

Canon: BBC's The Musketeers with some book additives for filler. Can be played anywhere during or post-series one.

Modern: A member of France's secret service. Specialties: firearms and undercover work. Alias: Aramis, Real Name: Undisclosed.

[Disclaimer: Aramis belongs to Dumas, first and foremost. Santiago Cabrera to himself. Mun & Muse are 21+.]
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